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About school of education

The School of Education is based on the basic principle of Ilia State University – to create a common space for academic and professional education and research in collaboration with students, professors, teachers and researchers.


The School of Education of Ilia State University, by integrating the Education Research, Teaching and Practice component, builds new educational knowledge based on existing experience in education and is a leader in training modern education specialists. It cares about the establishment of education as a value in Georgia and focuses on access to education and equitable distribution.


The mission of the School of Education is to create / disseminate innovative and scientifically substantiated knowledge of modern, international and local relevance; Training of successful specialists / researchers, promotion of the development of current professionals. The school responds to the modern challenges of education and contributes to the development of the education science and education system.


  • Comprehensive research in the field of education to create new knowledge and experience;
  • Creation and continuous development of academic training and continuing education programs;
  • Synchronize school education programs with each other and strengthen links with academic programs in other areas;
  • Training of professionals by synchronizing research, teaching and practice;
  • Professional development of education staff;
  • Taking care of the professional development of the academic staff of the school and attracting new highly qualified personnel;
  • Internationalization of teaching and research in the field of education;
  • Establishing and strengthening institutional ties at local, regional and international levels;
  • Participating in the formation of education policy;
  • Stimulating close relationships between professors and students;
  • Using your own potential and resources for the benefit of the community.


  • Development of Curriculum;
  • Development of School infrastructure;
  • Development of Human Resources;
  • Development of research potential;
  • Development of organizational culture;
  • Introduction of innovations;
  • Improving the quality of education research;
  • Development of cooperation with stakeholders.

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